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Midwifery Rates

Below are our Review Fee rates for the 2012 RAGRC Midwifery Board Exam Review:

Manila (Alhambra St. Ermita Manila)
Full Package (Comprehensive + Intensive Final Coaching) Reviewinclusive of:

  • Live Lectures
  • Pre- Test
  • Pre-board Exams
  • All Diagnostic Tests
  • All Handouts/ Review Materials
  • Home Study Materials
P 9,000.00
Comprehensive Review only,  inclusive of:

  • Live Lectures
  • Comprehensive
  • Diagnostic Tests
  • Comprehensive Review handouts
  • Home study Materials
P 5,000.00
Intensive Final Coaching Review only,  inclusive of:

  • Live Lectures
  • IFC materials/review handouts
  • Pre-board Exams
  • Home study Materials
                  P 5,000.00


Did you know that:

RAGRC Midwifery Review started in its main branch in Dagupan City in 1994. The first  review class conducted by RAGRC was not Nursing Review but Midwifery Board Exam (MLE)  Review. The first batch of RAGRC garnered 100% passing rate for the 1994 MLE.




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