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The June 2013 NLE Board Topnotcher

TThis is all very surreal. They say it’ll come in His time. In my case, I have waited for 12 months. Honestly, I did not have the confidence to pass let alone top the exams for it has been almost a year since the last time I opened a nursing book. R.A. Gapuz gave me that confidence that I badly needed. Who would have known that a review center could work magic on someone lik me in just a little over the month? R.A. Gapuz review center in one of the best decisions I made and I can never thank Sir Ray, the lecturers, and the staff enough for everything they’ve done to turn my dream into a sweet tangible reality.

There’s no doubt. The best way is the RA Gapuz way.:)

 The September 2012 LET Board Topnotcher

To God be the glory. Praise to the Lord for all these wonderful things. If you Put God first in your life, He will crown your efforts with success. Thanks to my husband who have inspired me in everything I do. Thanks to my parents, mother and father in law, teachers/professors and friends and brethren who supported me and prayed to God that I will make it. Thank you to all the RA Gapuz Review team who has inspired me to review religiously. Self discipline, prayer, burning midnight oil and never miss a Sunday worship with God even during my review days. More power to RA Gapuz Review Center. I love the sweet messages of Reviewers, inspirations that anyone can make it to the top, I didn’t expect this because I don’t want to be hurt, but I prayed really hard just to pass. I can’t forget the 3 C’s, hehehe of Sir Ray but I will add one C, commitment to God. “Little knowledge is dangerous” so I always think that I need to learn more everyday before the exam. It was really  hardwork and faith to God.Again to God be the glory! God bless you all. – MRS. ANALYN LORENZO RAMOS

The December 2011 NLE Board Topnotchers

When I was in college, I was scholar so, I had to be diligent in my studies in order to continue my schooling. It was hard for me because I was a shiftee from BS Nutrition and Dietrics and therefore had to take more units than my classmates to catch up on them. I chose R.A. Gapuz because they conduct their review in an entertining and light way. True enough! I find Gapuz review packed with much needed information and the lecturers deliver them in a fun and lively way. In Gapuz, correct answers for board exam simulated questions were discussed, expalined thoroughly and also why the other choices were incorrect. Said technique helped us develop our analytical skill. I took my review seriously. I chose to take the NLE on December rather than on  July so I could have more time to study and thus increase my confidence. Before the review in RAGRC started. I started preparing by reading an NCLEX review book. I didn’t finish it, but I know it helped me a lot.


I describe myself as an average student during my college days. I may not be a model student in some sense, because I also tend to do foolish things sometimes, but then it comes to RLE and major nursing subjects, I always give my best. RAGRC’s concept mapping and functional approach helped me to address and answer nursing problems or situations.

This gave me another perspective to analyze and answer the questions during the NLE. Of course! RAGRC can help them develop their knowledge, skills and attitude that can make them pass and maybe TOP the NLE. And learning is more fun with the R.A. Gapuz Way.!Upon studying you should have a motivation to learn, not just to pass. This makes studying fun, even with the most dreaded and boring nursing subjects. Learn the fundaments by heart, believe in yourself and most importantly, FAITH in God.


My life as a college student was very worthwhile. Luckily, I was not able to get any failing marks ad I had good grades all throughout, and I graduated with honors. I chose RAGRC because of their track record in providing excellent review program for aspiring nurses. I expected that RAGRC will provide me with a comprehensive review program that will prepare me to face the tough board exam.I will definitely encourage students to enroll in RAGRC. In RAGRC, learning is made fun. We learn many things at the same time, we are having a great time. The learning experience is priceless and the lessons you learn will not only make you successful in Board exam but in LIFE itself.


I am a dreamer and a doer. I never give up and never look back. I continuously search for a dynamic institution, I search for the best. Through its state of the art review structure, commendable high caliber lecturers and evolutional review materials, surely R.A. Gapuz has led its way towards producing unfathomable nursing board passers and topnotchers!A common dilemma amongst graduates of nursing is to find a review center that would fit their learning needs, their abilities, and their own potentials as future board passers and topnotchers, imbued with basic skills through practical application of nursing theories and being globally competitive in different areas of practical application.
As a RAGRC reviewee, the greatest strength that I learned and gained from the review center over any other review centers were the development of my test taking skills and strategies (highly commendable and useful in case you don’t know the concepts and exact answers), enhancing my mental stamina (highly needed when you take the board), how to properly attack questions, and practicing my shading skills using the same format of the answer sheet used during the actual board exam. Over the years, R.A. Gapuz Review Center paved its way to becoming one of the finest review center in the Philippines as can be seen though its hundreds of topnotchers and thousands of board passers. Surely, your investment will be worth the price!


I started my review in RAGRC for December 2011 NLE on June that year. I joined the Phase 1 final coaching for 7 days and took the predictive exam. I took the exam with those who started their review since April and I only hoped that considering their preparation, I wouldn’t be on the bottom list. Surprisingly when the results came out, I belonged to the top 5 examinees for that exam! Then I said to myself that if I had done it with only the 7-day final coaching as my review, how much more if I’ll be having a full-season review!I took the refresher course in July to August and joined the Comprehensive review starting September with the final coaching on December together with my batchmates who also enrolled in Gapuz. The programs in RAGRC had been more on increasing our mental stamina through answering 200-500 (and sometimes even more) questions in a day. It was tiring at first but as I went along with it, answering lots of questions hadn’t been so draining at all.
In fact, my day seemed incomplete without being able to answer at least a hundred test questions. We were trained to answer questions in just 30 seconds so quick thinking had really been developed, a skill which is very important in taking the board exam. We were also taught difficult concepts in nursing in a simplified way. We also practiced how to properly shade in board exam standard answer sheets and had it checked by the machine similar to that being used in the board exam, as what we’ve been told.There had been a lot of pre-board exams, one general pre-board which simulated the actual board exam, and a predictive exam. Through these sets of tests, my scores have improved the farther we went on with the review.Faith in God and belief in myself, knowing what I want and putting it in mind and heart, doing whatever it takes to achieve it, and of course, having a good preparation for the exam. These are the things that have helped me get to where I am right now.


It was actually out of the blue when I randomly heard the name of R.A. Gapuz Review Center considering that it’s a relatively new review center in CDO; and it was out of curiosity that I decided to sit-in during the one-day seminar on the Trends of the Board Exam. However, from that day on, I finally made a choice to take my review at RAGRC.

Taking the NLE was a little easier perhaps since during the review I was exposed to thousands of questions which strengthened my stamina in test taking and also I was exposed to a realistic general preboards, so I had to take the actual board exam as if I have been through it. The simulation of the NLE with RAGRC served as a learning experience for me to be more than careful, and to do my best in the real board exam. Never was there a point during my review that I have ever felt unsatisfied with the materials given for the day’s review, or with the pacing of our tests.

Through RAGRC, I was more confident to dream higher than just a passing mark in the boards. A topping mark made all my efforts, and prayers worth it. (TAGLINE )
Today, as I stand with my name on the top performing students’ list, I should say that it was not only more fun in RAGRC but also that it has given me and thousands of other students the opportunity to become our better selves as Registered Nurses.


I was pretty much an average student who achieved both good and not so good grades. In choosing a review center, one thing that I kept in mind is a  good track record. RAGRC is without a doubt known for its excellent results which made me decide without second thought.

It has been an exciting journey for me and I want other students to experience that I sincerely encourage them to take on the adventures of the board exam with R.A. Gapuz Review Center together with their corky, fun but definitely intelligent reviewers. They provide comprehensive review guide for an organized study time frame.

Board exam isn’t about knowing everything, but knowing what really matters. Mental block is the number one enemy of exam takers and if you have mastered the ability to believe in yourself, you are way to go! ENJOY THE BOARD EXAM, TRUST IN GOD AND BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!!!


Real Stories… Real People… Real Success

Dear Mr. Gapuz,

Hi! I just want to share my story on how I successfully passed the NCLEX-RN exam on March 20, 2009. I got my BSN degree on march of 2000 in the Philippines. When I married my husband in 2003, I moved to South Korea with him and from then on I already started reviewing for the NCLEX the K— book. Feb of 2004 we moved to New York. In April I attended the K— review center. I got my ATT in October of the same year, December I took my very first (ourt of 10) NCLEx-RN exam and I failed. It was so Sad, but then I gotta move on. To cut the story short, I kept taking it, but no success, until one day, somebody told me that i should attend E—Nursing review in Chicago, so I did. But unfortunately it didn’t work for me again. It worked for others but not for me. I failed the 6th and 7th time. Then 2007 we moved to Maryland coz my husband who just came back form Iraq found a jobe here. I also found a job here and while working I tried m best to prepare for the exam. So I took the exam the 8th and 9th time bu again, unsuccessful Until one day, a friend of mine recommended the ABC’s of Foreign Nursing Exam. I seriously read the book for 2 months then I bought the NCLEX-RN in a Flash at amazon.com because it was all sold out at borders and barnes and nobles.I religiously read the book and studied harder. Finally, I found the way in tackled attacking the questions. The contents of the book are actually the items that ussually are being tackled in the actual exam. Let me just tell you, I don’t really like reading that much but this book made me addictive to it. With prayers and serious study habits. I passed the test ont he 10th take. I am not ashame on saying ” I took it 10 times”. It is my way of encouraging people people that there is sill a way of passing this very challenging test and it’s the Gapuz Way. I thank God for giving us such a very talented and gifted author such as Mr. Ray Gapuz. Thank you so much Sir for all your books. I never thought I could ever make it. I almost gave up but God didn’t give up on me. Sir, I hope you won’t stop helping those people achieve their dreams. God sent you here on earth with a purpose. Thank you so much!

And also let me tell you, I lost my mother in May 11,2008 that was mothers day, then 7 months after that I lost my brother too on Dec 25, 2008. Christmas Day, It was a depressing year for me last year. but I told myself, everything comes for a reason. My husband told me not to give up coz God said that He will take care of His Children, just have Faith, God is Good!

I just Wanna tell you also that the prayer in the yellow book is a very powerful prayer. I hope that book will be published too here in the states. I have some friends from California and UK and also my cousing from Boston who are now asking their relatives from the Philippines to buy them the ABC’s for Foreign Nursing Exams. You know what, though I already passed the NCLEX I still want to t keep the book for my future reference.

Thank you so much Sir for all your help! Please continue to help the future nurses.

….And this is my story …

Teresa Georges, BSN-RN
Pikesville, MD


Dear Sir Ray,Hello SIR! I’m Jik Mahal Lajik F. Samain 33 years old. I was a reviewee of Gapuz Review Center wayback in 2004 for my Local Board Exam & 2005 for my CGFNS. I wasn’t able to thank you personally but I have my own way of appreciating what you did to me. I got 83.80 for my local board & 460 pts. for my CGFNS.I’m so proud to say that I’m a Gapuz baby everytime I got a chance to talk to any nursing students or graduate nurses as well, I share to them how you help me and the others in passing the exam without straining our minds & body.Para akong walking advertisement ng RAGRC at marami na rin akong narecruite, including my friends, my uncle Esteban Ferrer, lahat sila pumasa, and the latest is my mother Pilar G. Ferrer who handed you this letter.Sir pinagtatanggol kita pagsinasabi nila na my leakage daw tayo. I explain to them na pag nakuha nila ang style mo like the prioritization, proper diet, proper positioning, normal values etc. Kahit paikut-ikutin pa ang tanong, di ka maliligaw. napatunayan ko yun, not once but twice.Sir, I’m so happy to inform you that my application for NewYork has been approved and I’m scheduled for an interview at the U.S. Embassy on September. I hopefully i will be in NewYork together with my husband & 16 yrs. old daughter by October if God will allow, sabay sabay n kami, I’m under Sentosa Recruitment Agency which like RAGRC got involve in controversy 2 month ago.Talagang pag mabunga ang puno, binabato, a lot of people loves you and we do believe in you they can’t put a good man down, you’re truly an angel in disguise.Thank you very much for reading my letter. Attach herewith is our picture during our Local Review in 2004. Lahat ng nasa picture nakapasa, most of them nasa U.S. na ako po yung naka red na jacket sa tabi nyo remembrance ko po yan sa inyo sana idisplay nyo rin. Hahaha. Good Health po sir & God Bless you & your Family!MORE POWER TO GAPUZ REVIEW CENTER


Jayben Matamis, graduated Cum Laude at Unciano Colleges & Medical Center, Antipolo.When the controversy broke out in June 2006, his Aunt still supported his review preparation which was then under RAGRC.Jayben attended the packaged Local RN review program of RAGRC, amidst a controversy that threatened the integrity of RAGRC review programs.Still, Jayben emerged as NO. 1 in the December 2006 NLE and 48 other reviewees from RAGRC landed in the Top 10.Jayben is now a one of the best lecturers of the RAGRC.I’m Jayben P. Matamis…… “Matabang man po ang kapalaran ng iba ay siya naman pong tamis ng aking kaligayahang tinatamasa ngayon.” Masayang masaya po ako at ako ang nag- Top 1 sa board exam, talagang napakabuti sa amin ni Lord, sa akin at sa aking buong pamilya. Ang lahat ng ito ay hindi ko maa-achived kung wala ang tulong ng aking mga magulang, kapatid, kaibigan, ng R.A. Gapuz Review Center, ng aking school at higit sa lahat ng ating Panginoon. Nag-aral lng po ako ng mabuti at nag-basa ng maraming libro at isinakripisyo ang mga nakasanayan kong gawain. Una sa lahat ay ang paggising ng maaga kaysa dun sa nakasanayan kong gising. Nag-boarding house po ako sa Manila ng 1 ½ month para makapag-review. Di po talaga ako nakakapag-breakfast nuon kasi yung breakfast time ko inilalaan ko sa aking self-review before I go to SM Manila for my formal review. After our review in our school, balak ko talagang mag-review sa baguio sa ibang review center kaya lang po nagdesisyon ako na dito na lang sa Manila mag-review. Alam ko po kasi na maganda ang track record ng R.A. Gapuz Review Center amidst the controversies kaya dito ako nag-review kasama ang ilang mga kaibigan na pumasa na rin po. Maraming salamat po sa aking mga magulang at kapatid sa walang sawang sumuporta, kay Sir Ray for all his wisdom he imparted to us. Ipagpatuloy nyo lang po ang pagbibigay ng quality nursing review to all future nurses at higit sa lahat salamat sa ating Panginoon, na patuloy sa paggabay sa akin at sa aking pamilya!.


Pacita Revil, 61 years old has previously undergone craniotomy and 3 other surgeries affecting her memory.She took the 7-day CGFNS review at the R.A Gapuz.


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