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July 2012 Gapuz Topnotchers Receive an IPAD!











Enrolling at RAGRC has a lot of surprises. Among them was awarding an all new IPAD to GapuzĀ  NLE Board Topnotchers in the recent July 2012 Nursing Licensure Exams during the Gapuz Victory Party held last August 28 at the newly constructed Gapuz Building in UN Avenue Manila.

The four topnotchers are:

Nurhani Sallapudin Tulawe : 7th place

Karl Philip Avillo: 7th place

Howell Kim Calupit: 10th place

Gizelle Capati Cano. : 6th place


According to Howell Calupit, from DLSU Cavite and one of the recipients of an all new IPAD, ” I was not expecting this. Thank you to my Gapuz Family, being a topnotcher is already a bonus, and this IPAD, it’s too much of a bonus. Again, thank you RAGRC! ”

( in the photo are Nurhani and Howell who received their IPADs during the RAGRC Victory party. Gizelle was in Australia and Karl was out of town, their IPADs remain at the RAGRC office until they have the time to redeem them.)






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